Unconscious Realities

Some History

Freud was a very famous psychologist who studied and created psychoanalysis, which depended a lot on the unconscious of a person and dreams which were also generated by the unconscious according to his theories. In his therapy sessions with his patients he used to use a technique called Free Association where he would have said a particular word, and the patient would need to name the first thing that came to his mind in a short period of time. The surrealists were really interested in Freud's studies and started to generate their art from their unconscious.

Unconscious Realities takes some important factors from both the Surrealists and Freud's studies. The program consists of 2 parts, a small quiz which is timed and a random generated surreal collage. The timed quiz resembles Freud's Free Association technique where an answer needs to be given without a lot of thought. The result is very similar to what the surrealists used to do in their artworks.

Some notes about Unconscious Realities

- It might take a few minutes for all the data needed for the program to load and work properly.

- When the result appears it might take a few seconds for the background video to load.

- Kindly note that as soon as you click to start, the timed quiz will begin immediately.

- When the result appears, a taskbar will appear after a few seconds which will have three buttons, one will give you information on the result, one will save an image of the result and the other will restart the program.

- The program will automatically restart after 4 minutes.

- If the program is being run on an android device, I would suggest to rotate the screen so the program can run with a larger resolution (program does not work on ios devices).

- If you would like to try out the program, kindly click on the button below "Unconscious Realities."

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